Sky Sports looks to become “ultimate storyteller” with rebrand


Sky Inventive and Nomad have created a new identity for the sports broadcaster as it expands its serving to include 10 individual channels.

Sky Sports has revealed the biggest variety to its branding in its 26-year history, as the sports broadcaster expands its offering for characters.

The rebrand has been carried out as part of a seven-month collaborative project between Sky’s in-house organize team Sky Creative and London-based studio Nomad.

A new visual identity has catapulted to coincide with the broadcaster expanding its service to include 10 mockery teases channels, including dedicated channels for the Premier League, football, cricket, golf and Directions One (F1).

The rebrand looks to position Sky Sports as the “ultimate sports storyteller”, prognosticates Nomad, moving beyond “cliched celebratory moments” in sport and lay bare the “grit, pain, passion and disappointments”.

Refined logo

A more clean logo has been introduced, which was designed in collaboration with typographer Miles Newlyn and organizes the uppercase font from the previous branding swapped out for a simpler, lowercase one.

The congruence for each channel is based on new, overall brand guidelines encompassing bespoke typography, tone-of-voice, look design, hero photography and set design.

However, all of the channel identities are authorized to “flex and stretch” to express their unique personalities, such as “raw and technological” for F1, “focus and precision” for golf and “atmospheric and iconic” for Premier League.

The new individuality has now rolled out across all touchpoints.

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