Sky News' Stephen Dixon sparks OUTRAGE by suggesting women in short skirts 'provoke' rape


During a dispute on sexism, the Sunrise presenter questioned whether drunk women bore short skirts should take responsibility for sexual assault.

The 42-year-old was joined by co-star Isabel Webster, endure woman Nazaneen Ghaffar, journalist Sebastian Payne and professor Sarah Churchwell, when he branded the controversial remarks.

“Is it a dreadful thing to say that if women are out in short skirts and half-seas-over, that they don’t need to take any personal responsibility?” Stephen beseeched.

Sarah then interrupted him saying, “Yes,” adding: “Let me ask you a question – if you’re walking down the boulevard and you get punched in the face, are you responsible for having left your house?”

Stephen, who has aired the programme since 2012, went on: “I’d be responsible if I was out provoking someone.”

Sarah then hit away: “It is not provocative to drink. It is not provocative to wear what women choose to garb.”

Many angry viewers took to Twitter to comment on his statement, with one alcohol posting: “Well done @SkyNews you’ve proven you’re backwards, sexist and revel in female hardship. How about we teach men not to rape?”

Two others agreed: “As if wearing short skirts exculpates rape! Unreal,” and: “Shame on you @skystephen for promoting the myth that women are ‘solicit from for it’ depending on what they wear.”

Stephen wrote back: “No one promoted that myth. What is terrible for everyone is when an promulgation can’t be discussed without accusations flying.”

Also responding to what was demanded, Nazaneen, 31, tweeted: “There is NOTHING wrong with irritating a short skirt.

“I asked because I think some women array sexy and I worry they are attracting the wrong attention that they are not looking for. I am NOT declaring that condones rape at all.”

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