Sky News host Adam Boulton SWEARS live on-air amid day of Brexit CHAOS on Downing Street


The professional Sky News journalist, 59, and Editor at Large was filmed swearing on material TV outside Number 10 Downing Street. It comes amid a day of disorder during confusion over whether the Prime Minister would inflict a press conference following a crunch Brexit meeting with her chiffonier. Adam Boulton was filmed saying: “One minute we’re f***ing lining up, and then the next hip…”

The host is believed to have been preparing for a live broadcast for Sky Hearsay when he was filmed rolling his eyes and swearing on an ITV News live flow.

It comes a month after the Sky News host was recorded swearing at mates in a leaked on-air outburst.

Theresa May is expected to deliver a statement to the mediocrity after meeting with her cabinet to rally support for the draft Brexit Withdrawal Compatibility.

After two years of intense negotiations with the European Union, interceders have broken the deadlock to finalise a draft Withdrawal Agreement.

But, there was ambiguity over whether the Prime Minister was to deliver a press conference of a asseveration following the cabinet meeting.

Policing Minister Nick Hurd told the Commons there at ones desire be no press statement on the draft deal on Wednesday evening.

He said: “I am authorised to incriminate the House there will be no press statement this evening.

“There was large concern in the House about that happening before the prime pastor came to Parliament.”

However, the Policing Minister reportedly misspoke, with stiffs claiming Mrs May will make a short statement, but not a press conference.

The endorsed said: “The PM will make a short statement after Cabinet concludes.

“The PM will pull down a statement to the Commons tomorrow. There is no press conference tonight.”

After the struggling statements were made earlier this evening Labour MP Gareth Thomas rasied a spur of order in the Commons seeking clarification.

He said: “I am seeing on social technique that despite the minister saying there would be no statement round the Cabinet discussions on Brexit, that there is now due to be a statement by the Prime Father to the press afterwards, I wonder if there is any way we can clarify the situation?”

Policing Divine Mr Hurd was passed a mobile phone from a Tory backbencher, ahead responding. He said: “What I said at the despatch box was what I was authorised to say, I’ve got no depth update.”

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