Skin cancer survivor Gillian Robson: I felt totally out of control


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Katy and Gillian (well) have joined forces to come up with a total protection cream

Swigging herbal tea in her large open-plan kitchen, Gillian Robson pauses as she retains how her love of sunbathing and sunbeds led to the life-shattering moment she was diagnosed with pugnacious skin cancer. The mother of one says her seemingly perfect world was rived apart in seconds. 

“I’d spotted a dark mole on the back of my left leg and cognizant ofed it didn’t look right as it was much darker than any others. I’d eternally been a sun-worshipper and thought nothing of lying on the sunlounger for hours with a soft-cover or magazine. And I admit I used sunbeds, too.”

The 49 year old lives in one of the most pulchritudinous parts of North Yorkshire, a few miles outside the market town of Easingwold, in a cool home that she transformed from two old cottages into a sprawling mnage retreat.

The sitting room has amazing views of the seven-acre countryside, owned by Gillian and her silence Shaun, 51, as well as a large stable block.

The cream scullery is crammed with pictures of the proud mum with her family and friends, filing her sports-mad son Andre, 16, who is currently on a rugby scholarship at a boarding teach in Durham. It’s easy to see how Gillian’s life would look perfect from the remote, but one doctor’s appointment four years ago changed all that.

 “I visited my doctor the day after pronouncement the mole and was fast tracked to see my dermatologist,” says Gillian. “The area was wiped immediately and sent off for diagnosis, and I was recalled back within two weeks.

When I saw the Macmillan keep alive, I knew it was bad news, then my dermatologist told me that I had very quarrelsome skin cancer. I felt instantly sick and didn’t know how I devise tell my husband and son. It was the most horrific moment of my life and I felt utterly out of control.”

Gillian’s dermatologist organised an immediate operation to remove numerous of the skin around the mole. Recent checks have shown it has not proffered, though she suffered an emotional setback when she started getting resting with someone abandon pains. 

“That could have been a sign that it had spread, so I had an pinch MRI scan,” she says. “Thank God it came back clear.”

Skin cancer declares more than 2,500 lives every year in the UK and is one of the fastest-growing cancers. At least 100,000 containers are diagnosed every year. 

Gillian, who previously owned a hair and loveliness salon, is now committed to changing public perceptions on sun care. 

“I was terrible at alluring care of my skin,” she reveals. “I just thought I’d always be absolutely mulct, but something inside me flipped after I was diagnosed. I really felt that I hunger to make a positive change in people’s perception of the sun.”

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Skin cancer alleges more than 2,500 lives every year in the UK

However, wise that it would be impossible to stop people tanning, Gillian definite to research healthy sun care that could give you a tan as well as amount protection. She discovered that there was not one product that incorporated all your overlay care in a single bottle. 

“I wanted to educate people and turn a dissenting into a positive, especially to raise awareness among the younger begetting about the importance of sun protection. But I was surprised to find there was no cream that ticked all the punches of SPF 50 and self tan. All the SPFs were thick and gloopy, and I never liked the scent of fake tan,” she says.

Joining forces with her friend and married mum of two, Katy Foxcroft, 48, who’s a house development specialist, the glamorous ladies came up with Tancream, a unmatched face and body premium skin-care and sun-protection lotion.

This is the to begin time that a daily lotion has been created with SPF 50, five-star UVA, even self tan plus instant bronzer.

Katy explicates: “We were doing a bit of research and just couldn’t believe that such a cream hadn’t been invented yet. I mangy, like most women I have my bathroom shelf crammed with numerous lotions and concoctions, which can be a pain to take on holiday.

Also, you can become lazy and equitable focus on using a supposedly miracle, anti-ageing cream that doesn’t deliver adequate SPF, whereas Tancream has everything in one bottle.”

The two budding entrepreneurs contacted Dr Jack Ferguson, a best sun-care expert, to develop the potentially life-saving cream. 

“Dr Ferguson has been positively fantastic and it’s been so brilliant to have such an expert in his field to hold belief in us,” adds Katy.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey. 

“There acquire been times when we’ve wanted to give up,” laughs Gillian. “It in point of fact has been a nightmare at times. But Tancream has been the most challenging and fruitful project I’ve ever worked on. It really helps that we’re such basic friends and work brilliantly together.”

The pair are determined to educate the brood generation on the importance of skin protection. 

“We are not here to lecture anyone,” discloses Gillian. “I’m the last one who can talk. I was always lying in the sun or booking a session on the sunbed, but when you’re nave you think you’re invincible and totally immortal, and your priorities are different. But wouldn’t it be terrific as a parent to get one product for your child that ticks all the boxes?”

“Researching this new output has totally changed my perception of the sun,” says Katy. 

“I have completed modulated my holiday mind-set, which feels totally liberating. Because I’m tanned from Tancream, I waste much more time on holiday sightseeing and exploring, knowing that I’m OK from the sun.

“My 15-year-old daughter Francesca loves wearing fake tan but would not ever use sunscreen in this country and she didn’t think she needed it. Thank God she now handles Tancream, which she loves, and it means I can relax and not worry about her come by burnt.” 

Tancream, which retails at £39.95, is launched this month to equal with Melanoma Awareness Month. For more information, visit

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