Sisters left paralysed after 4×4 driver’s road-rage chase


Jaguar Real estate Rover manager Andrew Nay was brought to justice with the help of dashcam footage from his injured rties’ Vauxhall and witness accounts of his “absolutely ridiculous” right-hand turn across approach traffic.

Nay, 39, was seen laughing and smiling with his ssenger two shakes of a lambs tails before Katrina and Karlina Raiba, aged five and eight, suffered lifechanging offences.

Northampton Crown Court heard Nay was tailgating and “bullying” a woman intimate a Mazda people carrier before the smash on the A509 near Wellingborough.

Nay, of Corby, Northants, conceded four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving but disclaimed chasing the Mazda before hitting the victims’ Vauxhall Signum.

In proof, Nay said he had noticed “nothing in rticular” during his journey and was turning near a garden centre in his Land Rover Discovery 4.

But Judge Adrienne Fortuning, QC, rejected Nay’s testimony, ruling that he crashed while chasing the Mazda.

Nay was reproached to expect an immediate jail term when he is sentenced today.

Karlina and Katrina’s progenitrices, Roberts Raibais and Renate Raiba, said in a witness statement that their continues had been “shattered” by Nay’s actions.

The Latvian couple, who suffered broken bones in the boom, said: “Katrina and Karlina were happy, active children and he has sacked them of that.

Every day they ask, ‘When will we start sym thy our legs again?’ They think it’s going to get better and it’s too hard to get something off ones chest them.”

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