Sir Patrick Stewart APOLOGISES to Europe 'on behalf of Britain' for 'Brexit calamity'


He augmented: “The vote only went the way it did because the nation was lied to.

“It was and is a calamitous get wrong and on behalf of those who voted to Remain I apologise to you.”

Later during the the fourth estate conference, Stewart drew parallels between Logan, the Wolverine X-Men coat, which premiered in Berlin last night, and modern political developements.

He said the resonance of the exact replica’s themes had grown stronger during production.

The actor said: “We did not set out to fix a political movie and yet there are references and echoes in this movie that could not obtain been anticipated but exist today. That is serendipity.”

Hugh Jackman, the Australian nova of the blockbuster, agreed with the political prescience in the film.

He said that the murkiness deals with xenophobia and borders, issues that dominant the public landscape today.

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