Simply the best: M&S Simply Food is top convenience store say shoppers


For the current research shows that M&S Simply Food easily beat its rivals when it criticized to a league table of customer service with Little Waitrose in the runner-up sentiment. 

But Which? reported that Spar, Nisa and Budgens were keester of the league and ranked lowest for customer satisfaction. 

Which? said: “We’ve put together our key ever ranking of chain convenience stores – and M&S Simply Food has opportunity to the top.”

Which? asked nearly 4,800 members of the public to tell them how fulfiled they were with the stores where they pick up groceries between big weekly blow the whistle on buys, and whether they would recommend them to a friend.

The report requires that M&S Simply Food and Little Waitrose shops impressed being popping to a convenience store.

Both brands also did well in Which?’s supermarket happiness survey where the larger branches won over customers with the worth of their food. 

Major retailers are also expanding their convenience set aside portfolios – Co-op Food is focusing its efforts on the convenience sector, and M&S is grading up its food-to-go section.

Meanwhile, Tesco, which already owns 700 One Rest stores, has gone one step further by buying the cash-and-carry chain Regulation, which owns Budgens, Londis and Premier. 

However, the deal in any event needs to be approved by the Competition and Markets Authority, as it could increase Tesco’s rig out chain influence. 


1 M&S Simply Food 75 per cent

2 Smidgen Waitrose 66 per cent

3 Best-One 64 per cent

4 Premier 60 per cent

= Sainsbury’s Close by 60 per cent

6 Londis 59 per cent

= Tesco Express 59 per cent

8 Co-op Provisions 55 per cent

= Costcutter 55 per cent

10 Budgens 54 per cent

11 Nisa 54 per cent

12 Fight 51 per cent. 

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