Sick Muslim migrant gang that broke girl's jaw accused of REGULAR 'Sharia patrol' attacks


The lass, named only as Leonie, heads up the gang of six migrants who are purported to induce carried out several Sharia-inspired attacks across the European capital of Vienna.

Leonie, 15, was amongst the six Muslim youths from Chechnya who allegedly beat up a teenage jail-bait, named as Patricia, in the centre of the Austrian capital city.

Patricia, a Swot up on schoolgirl, was falsely accused of pulling off a Muslim woman’s headscarf.

The waste, which left her with a broken jaw in two places, shocked Austria when footage of the pre-empting went viral.

However, now prosecutors believe they have sufficient evidence to prove this attack was in fact one of many carried out by the wayfarer gang.

Prosecutors, who are still waiting for the trial to begin, expect Leonie to intimidate a string of further allegations.

She is accused of beating up another girl the day after the charge on Patricia, where Leonie is said to have kicked her in the face while two little shavers held her down.

The young thug is also said to have attacked a wench in a youth centre in Lower Austria as well as being involved in a join forces brawl.

Her gang hit Patricia 22 times in the head during the horrific corrosion on the young Polish schoolgirl. 

One of the members, named as Ahmet K, or Abuu, later posted a depiction of himself flexing his muscles with the caption, ‘Jawbreaker’.

He initially apologised for the jump but later posted: “To all those I offended, insulted or beaten. I do not give a s***. Next year I wish do it better.”

Abuu, who was sentenced to six months’ probation for robbery in September, could eye to eye a prison sentence if convicted of the attack on Patricia.

The names of the rest of the six-member band, who are all aged between 15 and 21, have not been released.

Patricia apprised the press that there was a massive cheering mob watching on while she was violently assaulted. 

In the lop off, she keeps her hands in her pocket and takes the savage beating, despite blood damp from her face.

The group is reported to have said: “She has pulled the headscarf down, put an end to her!”

She said she did not react to the attack because she had no chance of fleeing the terrifying thugs. 

Patricia weighted: “What happened was to teach me a lesson.

“She told the others that I had teared a woman’s headscarf off, and they all flew into a rage.

“I knew if I had altercated back, I would only have been hit more. So, I just recessed until it was over.” 

The youngster said she was threatened by the gang not to got to the police, but her sister did so while she reclaimed in hospital.

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