Sick father 'spots' POO floating in hotel pool as dream trip turns into nightmare



The Stretton bloodline say their trip to Egypt was ruined

John Stratton, 41, id £3,500 to quarter his wife Julie, 48, and their two children, Poppie nine, and Maisie, 11, on a 10-night feast to a four-star hotel in the Red Sea resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh.

But he claims they spotted under-cooked subsistence and flies swarming around the tables, before he began to suffer from horrific suffer cramps and flu like symptoms.

He also said he had strait-laced diarrhoea, vomiting, muscle aches and difficulties with his breathing during his postponement in October last year and was hospitalised weeks after returning old folks.

Mr Stratton is now taking legal action against the Nubian Holiday Village New Zealand pub, after he said he was left unable to run his own business.

The father-of-two, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, who throw aways a farming business, said: «I tried to fight the feeling but I had bad longing ins along with the flu symptoms as well.

«The rooms appeared to be spotless but the pool was scummy. It was around the top of the pool so it would be in your face when you swam up to the sharpness — it was gross.”


John and Julie Stratton

After seeing his GP when he earned home, Mr Stratton was rushed straight to hospital where he was told he had suspected Legionnaires’ plague — a form of bacterial pneumonia and a serious lung infection.

He said: «We as a matter of fact saw a log (poo) someone had left in the pool — they couldn’t have been on fair for long because it was still in one piece.

«If you didn’t laugh, you would cry. “


The pedigree on holiday in Egypt

Mr Stratton spent four days at the Queen Elizabeth Facility in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, where it was confirmed he was suffering from the potentially terminal Legionnaires’ disease, a bug often found lurking in shower heads.

He was put on a damper and given a course of antibiotics to treat the symptoms.

Jayne Murphy, from the law anchored Irwin Mitchell, is representing the family and a group of other holidaymakers who are also down following their holiday at the hotel.


The Strattons say their vision getawayin Egypt turned into a nightmare

She said: «It’s on the subject of to hear that a number of people, including young children, give birth to had their holiday’s ruined after falling ill.

«Our priority is now to investigate what produced the Stratton family to fall so ill.

“Legionnaires’ disease is a very serious educate, which can lead to further complications, and can in some cases even be ruinous.”

The Nubian Holiday Village hotel said it declined to comment on person cases but said it had been awarded golden certificates for food hygiene and bank cleanliness.


The Stratton family are taking legal action

Make a trip com ny First Choice said: «First Choice is penitential to hear of the Stratton family’s experience.

«As this is now subject to legal processes, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.

“We closely audits all resorts to which we manage to ensure that health, hygiene and comfort levels are maintained in line with trade standards.»

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