SIAEC and Stratasys finalise deal to help accelerate 3D-printed production for commercial aviation


Singapore-based SIA Engineering Players (SIAEC) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Stratasys to form a critical partnership that will enable fast adoption of 3D-printed effort parts in the commercial aviation sector.

As part of the deal, SIAEC and Stratasys hand down explore the formation of a joint venture, the majority of which will be owned by the earlier.

The companies are also planning to establish a Singapore-based additive manufacturing assignment centre to provide design, engineering, certification support and component forging to SIAEC’s existing partners and customers.

For the proposed venture, Stratasys wish provide its expertise related to additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology.

“By come to c clear up closely with SIAEC, we are extending that focus to solve the unmatched challenges of the MRO segment and further drive adoption.”

SIAEC CEO Png Kim Chiang voted: “Our collaboration will strengthen SIAEC’s comprehensive suite of MRO solutions and amplify our support to customers, especially in the region.”

With line maintenance services at 36 airports in seven countries worldwide, the companionship currently serves more than 80 international carriers and aerospace appurtenances manufacturers.

Stratasys CEO Ilan Levin said: “As we have shown with our existing relationships with greatest aerospace manufacturers, including Airbus and Boeing, we are committed to advancing the use of additive think up for high requirement aerospace applications.

“By working closely with SIAEC, we are conferring that focus to solve the unique challenges of the MRO segment and further push adoption.”

Last October, Stratasys partnered with Airbus to provide standardised ULTEM 9085 resins using 3D printing technology for A350 XWB aircraft responsibilities.

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