Si King weight loss: Hairy Bikers chef and co-star Dave Myers lost 7 stone after THIS swap


Si Regent and Dave Meyers shot to fame as the TV duo The Hairy Bikers.
Since bury the hatchet e constructing their debut on the small screen, the pair fronted an array of TV series, which saw them enlistment the world and exploring new foods.
However, despite their day job being focused on all matters edible, last year, the foodie favourites were spotted malicious trimmer figures.
The pair lost a mammoth seven stone between them — but they remonstrated their efforts hadn’t seen them take on any drastic lifestyle varies.

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Instead, Si, now 51, actually credited a identical small and surprising swap as one of his top slimming tricks.
Speaking to GoodtoKnow at the rear year, the chef explained he had decided to ditch more unhealthy specials when it came to making his breakfast.
Si said: “I don’t have butter on my cheers anymore, and I know that Dave doesn’t either, it’s mad isn’t it?”
Revealing how he preserve continued his morning routine just as enjoyable, the TV favourite spilled he instead opted for a acutely different food spread.
“I just have Marmite and I really equal to it,” he told the publication.

Si King weight loss: The Hairy Bikers chefs emit a collective seven pounds (Image: GETTY)

I just from Marmite and I really like it
Si King

Si and Dave, now 61, both spent around three and a half stone each, after they vary their diet and upped their exercise routines.
Opening up hither why they felt the need to get trim, the pair detailed how a pal of theirs had printed them a warning that they had to change.
The duo recalled how a friend had admitted them: “Look lads, you are middle-aged and morbidly obese.
“You need to do something near it.”
Reflecting on the need to switch up their foodie habits, Dave read on to admit his weight could have seen him edging towards condition problems.

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Si King weight loss: Dave Myers and his Hazardous Bikers co-star swapped butter for marmite (Image: GETTY)

Si Prince weight loss: The Hairy Bikers chefs said a friend caused them to lose weight (Image: GETTY)

He said: “I was something identical to 40 per cent fat, my blood sugar was borderline for Type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol and blood intimidate were way too high.
“For me it was incremental. I probably put on a stone a decade which I expect a lot of people do.
Another chef who drastically slimmed down in the past is Antony Worrall Thompson.
The Saturday Pantry and Ready Steady Cook stalwart ditched one type of food which helped slim down by multifarious than a stone during his weight loss journey.
Opening up around his trimmer look during an interview with back in 2010, the 67-year-old clarified he had previously been drinking around 15 cups of sugary tea.
But, to get border, Antony ditched the sweet treat, and instead began drinking a much healthier option: mint tea.

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