Shopkeeper tells of terror when raider held her by the throat


The accused has now been jailed for the attack.

Anne Regan was closing up the family’s Regan’s Lower Store in Ballina, Co Mayo, in December when a man came in, threatening her and her daughter Ciara with a nerve and demanding money.

Ms Regan was pushed over, before being grabbed by the throat by the man, who then desired that she open the till and give him money.

It was only when she screamed out that her husband John rushed into the store from the again. He and a member of the public gave chase and managed to catch the man.

Last week, Wayne Ryan (36), of Limerick, was assumption a jail sentence for the attack.

“We have been here 25 years and not in any degree experienced anything like that before. I’m certainly more flustered about closing up in the dark evenings,” said Mrs Regan.

While the event only lasted a matter of minutes, she said it felt much larger.

“He had me by the throat. He was terrifying – roaring and shouting. I didn’t even know my budget was in the back, I just cried out,” she said.

Ms Regan was grateful that she had been attacked and not her daughter.

“I on no account would have thought anything like this would prove. Before this, I would have had no issue with doing up the (cash-drawer) floats without the door locked. Now, I wouldn’t leave my daughter by oneself in the shop.”

Mrs Regan said the support of the community had been overwhelming.

“In the flesh are very good. They are all coming in and checking on me. You work hard in a decline to keep the door open and this is an extra pressure we never be in want of,” she added.


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