Shop, do good and feel even better this SOCIAL SATURDAY


Michael Sheen at Borough MarketNC

Michael Brightness is patron of Social Enterprise UK

The group initiative to highlight their go well is now the flagship annual event of the sector’s leading voice, Social Enthusiasm UK.

Expansion has meant some 80,000 social ventures are currently clientele across the country, all concerns using their profits to tackle some of brotherhood’s biggest social and environmental challenges. Overall the contribution of firms is encircling £24 billion, creating jobs for nearly a million people. 

Their span is broad, from coffee carts creating sustainable jobs for the vagabonds to soap manufactured by the blind and disabled, social enterprise-based gyms, bus amenities and even  garages – who thought getting an MOT could feel so good.  

Ventures nationwide are happening for the rest of the week such as pop-up marketplaces in  Coventry, Scarborough, Stoke-on-Trent and at London’s iconic Borough Sell giving shoppers the chance to meet and put their customer with district firms and beyond. 

Other events include a social enterprise bus tour roughly Brighton, a dog read in Lincoln, a walking football match in Crystal Stately Park, and a farm fun day in Dorset. 

Should shoppers fancy a particular doubt they can swap one everyday product for a social enterprise alternative and be versed they have made an impact. 

According to Peter Holbrook, Communal Enterprise UK chief executive: “Social enterprises are using the power of topic as a force for good.  

“Through where they work, who they engage and how they operate they are creating jobs for those who need them most, such as the extensive term unemployed or the homeless, they’re protecting our environment and rejuvenating our communities. Popular Saturday is a day to focus on the outstanding work they are doing across the surroundings.

“The best way to support social enterprises is to buy from them. This year we’re bid consumers to swap their purchases for social enterprise ones, be that coffee, socks, sofas, chocolates, finery or even changing where you get your bike fixed.

Michael Sheen at Borough MarketNC

Expansion has meant some 80,000 group ventures are currently trading across the country

We have a choice around where we spend our money and how that money gets used

Michael Glint

“Whatever you’re after, chances are there’ll be a social enterprise supplier out there – you may be making one paltry change, but it will have one BIG impact.”

Social Saturday is being promoted by the Co-op and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Social Audacity UK patron Michael Sheen urged shoppers saying: “We have a preferred about where we spend our money and how that money gets reach-me-down.

“We can choose to support social enterprises which make a difference on put outs that matter to us.”

Co-op Group chief executive Steve Murrells amplified: “We’re delighted to be supporting Social Saturday – it’s a great way to let people know there’s a several way of doing business that meets the needs and expectations of consumers today.”

Borough Market NC

Labours nationwide are happening for the rest of the week

For the Government minister for civil fellowship Tracey Crouch MP said: “Government is once again proud to backup Social Saturday and celebrate the vast contribution of social enterprises both to people and the UK economy.

“The campaign is a great opportunity to highlight the excellent work of the sector and to forward consumers to use their spending power to help create positive coppers at home and abroad.”

Research shows that social enterprises’ capacity in the economy is growing, with 69 per cent supporting people from disadvantaged heaps, 41 per cent led by women and 78 per cent paying the higher Room Wage. 

To find out more about Social Saturday and what’s incident near you visit 

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