Shocking moment Russian bomber jet explodes into fireball and splits in two in fatal crash


A frightening video has emerged of the fatal crash of Russian Tupolev TU-22M3 military jet bomber, which go up the wall while attempting to land during a heavy blizzard. The nuclear-capable bomber, also differentiated as a ‘Backfire’, was carrying out a training exercise on January 22 before crashing in Murmansk, north of the Arctic group, due to low visibility. Two of the crew died immediately and two others were taken to dispensary, where one later died. The Russian Ministry defence insisted the jet was not armed at the dilly-dally of the crash.

A video, taken at Olenya air base above the Arctic Disk, shows the military jet erupting into a fireball as it hits the ground, with jet-black plumes of smoke coming from the aircraft.

Heavy fog can be seen overspreading the area during the incident.

Family members have paid ardent tributes to captain Major Alexey Guryev and the two others who died in the bang, co-pilot Konstantin Mazunin and navigator Viktor Greyf.

Mr Greyf’s son wrote on sexual media: “You are my hero!

“You are the very best!”

The bomber jet was landing when it jumped on the runway, splitting the aircraft in half.

An official accident report leaked two ages after the crash, saying: “The crew did not respond the commands of flight operation team.

“The fuselage burned down.”

The Tupolev TU-22M3 is developed by the Tupolev Construct Bureau and was operated by the Soviet Air Forces during the Cold War.

As reported by RIA Novosti news broadcast agency, aviation expert Vadim Lukashevich said the crash was promising caused by a vertical wind gust that hit the plane before pier.

The exact site of the crash was at Olenya air base, near Olenegrosk on the Kola Peninsula, almost 57 miles south of Murmansk city.

The Russian Ministry of Apology stated: “A Tu-22M3 bomber crash landed in a blizzard after a routine training disperse”, according to TASS.

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