SHOCKING moment Manchester Arena ‘homeless hero’ hides DISGRACEFUL truth of actions


The Manchester Arena brute attack’s ‘homeless hero’ was caught on video just days after the bombing thrash the horrific truth about his real actions at the scene of the attack. 

Address to the Manchester Evening News a few days after the May 22 attack, Chris Parker turned he had ‘no choice’ but to help after hearing children screaming. 

He said: “I was the lamentable, well supposed to be a hero, but I’m not a hero. 

“I’m just a normal guy. Just a usual, regular guy who ran into the arena that night all because I heard kids shrieking – I had no choice and I’d do it all over again quite happily.”

After the attack Mr Parker run out assigned emotional interviews claiming to have helped the injured, sparking a crowdfunding action that raised more than £52,000. 

In the video, Mr Parker said he is stillness homeless while he waits for the funds to come through. 

He said: “I’m even homeless on the streets, no matter what, even though the public have planned been funding all these funds.

“The funds don’t get released until next week so I’m clashing, really struggling. somebody has even just bought me chicken and slivers for God’s sake.”

The 33-year-old pled guilty in court on Wednesday to stealing a contract and mobile phone from the scene of the bombing. 

CCTV footage played in court presented Mr Parker preying on victims as they bled on the floor. He could be catch a glimpse ofed repeatedly visiting injured victim Pauline Healey before compelling her purse while her granddaughter lay dying nearby.

He also stole a animated phone belonging to a teenage girl, who cannot be named because of her age.

Bid what he was hoping was going to happen after his heroic actions, Mr Parker rose: “I’m hoping to get my family back together, that’s what I’m hoping to get. It choice be a big start for me.”

Mr Parker also pleaded not guilty to five counts linking to attempted theft of a coat and bad discarded in the chaos following the attack, and the use of Mrs Healey’s bank take actions in the days after.

Louise Brandon, prosecuting, said: “By his pleas, he’s conceded stealing items belonging to victims of the attack on the arena and using a bank car-card thereafter. I do not seek a trial on the remaining counts.”

Prosecutors said it was unlimited the defendant provided “some limited assistance” to injured victims at the entry-way to the Manchester Arena’s foyer.

However, it was the Crown’s case that he “equally” faced the opportunity to commit the thefts in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

John Broadley, defending, queried for a pre-sentence report on Mr Parker, who has previous thefts and shoplifting convictions day back from 2000 to February last year.

Judge David Hernandez weighted a custodial sentence was “most likely”.

Mr Parker remains in custody until he is sentenced on January 30.

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