Shocking brawl erupts in Germany: 20 in violent clashes in Cologne streets


germany news brawl erupts cologne 20 kurdish peopleJASMIN ZUEHLKE

A fight involving 20 people erupted in Cologne, Germany, on Easter Monday

A reticent dispute might be the reason behind the violent disagreement which derived place yesterday, police claim.

Two groups of people started measure each other up after 6pm local time (5pm GMT) in Cologne on the grounds mean the restaurant “Haus am See” on Bachemer road.

The brawl, taking place next to the inveterately calm Decksteiner pond, saw the involvement of around 20 people.

All those complicated are thought to be Kurds or of Kurdish heritage, according to German news website

Some reports said they gathered to celebrate the Kurdish New Year. 

A witness answered a man had shot a gas pistol five times “into the air to calm down the status quo”.

The police said: “We also have this information, it is probably become a reality.”

The fight left at least five people aged between 31 and 63 slightly abuse, German news online outlet RP Online said.

Authorities were identified at 6.40 pm (5.40pm GMT) and reports said that as many as 50 office-holders were needed to put an end to the fight.

The police operation ended at 9.15pm (8.15pm). 

germany news brawl erupts cologne 20 kurdish peopleGETTY

The fight took place in Decksteiner, a park visited by families and tourists

A actually in the park was taken into the custody of the police on suspicion he was staying in Germany illegally.

Oversee have not yet confirmed whether the arrested was also involved in the brawl.

The public location, usually visited by families and tourists, was packed with man who witnessed the fight on Easter Monday.

Last week another German the gendarmes was called to sedate another massive brawl, which saw around 60 people embroiled with.

The fight took place in Duisburg and obliged authorities to declare a hold of emergency.

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.) 

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