SHOCK North Korea WARNING: Kim Jong-un poses ‘REAL THREAT’ amid World War 3 scares


North Korea’s foreboding continues to spark fears of World War 3 and “the lives of millions of people” wishes be affected, said ex-army officer Jim Molan.

In an interview with Sky Gossip Australia, the former Australian military officer said that the in general world is concerned about Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. 

He said: “I invent it is something of great concern, not just to Australia but to the world a whole.”

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North Korea talk: Kim Jong-un poses a ‘real threat’ to world

I think it is something of bad concern, not just to Australia but to the world a whole

Jim Molan

Mr Molan united: “If we listen to every statement coming out of the United States, coming out of South Korea and Japan, and disregarding nevertheless out of the United Nations, the development of nuclear weapons in North Korea imitates a real threat to regional stability and world stability and to the lives of millions  of living soul.”

The UN Security Council introduced new sanctions against the rogue state after its continued guided missile testing. 

The tough impositions were introduced in an attempt to ban nearly 90 percent of nice petroleum product exports to North Korea. 

South Korea and Japan are at expert risk of casualties should Kim Jong-un decide to strike a nuclear revile. 

Russian Security Council Secretary, Nikolay Patrushev, warned that tens of thousands of Americans resolve also die if President Donald Trump attacks North Korea. 

There are roughly 250,000 Americans living in South Korea who could all be placed at adroit risk if a conflict broke out, claimed Mr Patrushev as he criticised Mr Trump for his “Bug War mentality”.

Mr Patrushev said: “The Combined States is not accustomed to regarding the lives of other countries’ citizens to gain its goals.

“However, Washington certainly cannot fail to take into account the the poop indeed that 250,000 Americans live in South Korea. 

“In the event of large-scale military gumshoes on the Korean Peninsula, tens of thousands of US citizens will die.

”Such losses are called unallowable in the language of the military in all countries.”

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