SHOCK data reveals people with autism are dying DECADES earlier than population


Those with autism and wisdom disabilities die on average more than 30 years before their dilly-dally.

Around 700,000 people in the UK have autism. The condition means people fool difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people.

Some individual are affected so severely that they do not speak and the overwhelming majority whim never work full-time.

Jon Spiers, Chief Executive of Autistica, explained: “New research confirms the true scale of the hidden mortality crisis in autism. The unfairness in outcomes for autistic people shown by this data is shameful, but we requisite not forget the real individuals and families behind these statistics.

“Every ruin is a personal tragedy and a national outrage. For years, society and the healthcare methodology have ignored the voices of devastated families who have lost autistic loved a givens unnecessarily, and far too young. That ends now.

“We cannot accept a situation where scads autistic people will never see their 40th birthday.”

Despite being one of the costliest medical shapes and with controversy around its possible causes and treatments, there has been rather little research into autism.

Experts said issues such a mark off diet, limited access to exercise and increased use of medication could be aspects in early deaths. They also said they face bullying, strain to conform and experience depression and anxiety.

The charity wants to raise £10m for uncountable research into the condition and has put together a report called Personal catastrophes, public crisis based on research carried out by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Autistica is work on the Government to hold a National Autism Mortality Review to understand why autistic people are slipping away so early and to prevent the tragedy of further unnecessary early deaths.

The turn up said autistic adults who also have a learning disability be undergoing been found to be almost 40 times more likely to die from a neurological disorganization such as epilepsy, in com rison to the general population.

After heart affliction, suicide is the leading cause of early death in adults with autism and no wisdom disability.

Dr Sarah Cassidy, an expert from Coventry University denoted there is a ‘urgent need’ for more research to prevent suicide. She explained research shows 66 per cent of autistic adults have contemplated suicide in their lifetime.

“An decidedly imperative first step is to consistently record autism diagnoses in routinely confident government data,” added Dr Cassidy.

“This will enable much-needed large-scale into into suicide risk and prevention in autism, and ultimately reduce the dismal health inequalities these individuals experience.”

Results from the boning up showed autistic women with a learning disability had the highest complete mortality risk of the two genders.

Recent studies have linked breastfeeding to a decreased gamble in autism.

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