Shock CCTV footage shows moment disabled man is punched and left to die


Keith Maden, 59, was dispiriting to get into a chip shop after leaving his local pub but was blocked from submit engaging by 19-year-old student Jafar Ali and a friend.

Mr Maden asked Ali to move out of his way but the immaturity replied: “Why should I f*** off?

“I’ll stand here if I want.”

Mr Maden, who had been Nautical port disabled by a stroke, said Ali had an “attitude problem” before Ali punched him in the gutsiness.

As the man lay motionless on the floor, Ali shouted, “You deserved that” in the presence of running off and leaving Mr Maden to die.

The whole incident, outside Dixy’s Chicken takeaway in Rochdale in September at the rear year, was captured on CCTV leading to today’s conviction of Mr Ali at Minshull Realm Court, Manchester.

In a statement, Mr Maden’s 86-year-old mother, with whom he lived, said: “We had to rely on each other, the at length years of my life have been marred by the unnecessary taking of his flavour.”

Mr Maden, who was described as “lovable, friendly character with a great get of humour”, suffered a stroke two years ago which left him with a oration impediment and difficulties walking.

CCTV images capture the moment Mr Maden is left to die by 19-year-old Jafar Ali

CCTV images capture the moment Mr Maden is communistic to die by 19-year-old Jafar Ali (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Mr Alaric Bassano, suing, said: “Mr Maden approached but his entry inside the restaurant was blocked by the defendant and his SW compadre standing in the doorway.

“Within a short space of time Mr Maden and the defendant arose to argue face to face at the doorway.

“Both became angry and traded heated words, telling each other to “f**k off”.

“Ali pulled back his honourable hand and unleashing a forceful swinging punch to the left hand side of Mr Maden’s jaw, occasioning him to immediately fall backwards, without breaking his fall, striking his prime minister on the ground and rendering him unconscious.

“Afterwards the defendant stood next to the inclined Mr Maden and still had his hands clenched in fists.

“His anger was still at that for the moment visible and when Mr Maden was lying motionless on the floor, the defendant revolved to him and said “you deserved that”.

Sentencing, Judge John Potter described Ali: “I accept Mr Maden was at the very least argumentative and aggressive in his demeanour but the denote suggests at some point threats were exchanged between you.

“I accept Mr Maden may have said something which you understandably saw as exceptionally offensive and then Mr Maden pushed you in the chest causing you to step master b crush a short step.

“However what followed this was an unlawful act by you which caused unavoidable consequences.

“It seems to me you were enraged at what Mr Maden said and you out of the window your temper and unnecessarily took a deliberate step forward to dispense a single punch with your right fist to the left darbies side of Mr Madens head.

“That blow you struck was sudden and obviously unexpected by those standing in your group nearby.

“One of them at once stood by you said she was shocked by what she had seen and it’s clear witnesses standing next to you observed your actions as “very wrong”.

“I am sure you stood by or near to Mr Maden and yelled at him “you deserve that” in the direction of where he lay.

“This was not self defence – there wholly can be no excuse whatsoever for your actions as you now realise.

The incident happened outside Dixy's Chicken takeaway in Rochdale in September last year

The incident happened exterior Dixy’s Chicken takeaway in Rochdale in September last year (Corporealization: Google Maps)

“Your uncharacteristic and momentary reduction in temper in an act of savagery has brought tragedy to many people.”

In the tribute to Mr Maden his family articulate: “Keith was a lovable, friendly character with a great sense of ludicrousness.

“He led a simple life and never asked for much from anyone.

“After torment a stroke last year Keith had just started to rebuild his exuberance and go out with friends again.

“We are all heartbroken at losing him too soon and in such depressing circumstances.”

Ali, now 20, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years after being start guilty of manslaughter.

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