SHOCK Brexit WARNING: German MEP tells UK Barnier still out to make talks ‘DIFFICULT’


The go-between head of the European Parliament’s industry, research and energy committee forewarned Britain that the European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier didn’t uniform care about the divorce bill, despite Brussels enormous insist ons for the UK’s cash.

The Prime Minister eventually settled an agreement to move on to the next put a stop to of Brexit talks in early December.

Mrs May, alongside the Government’s divorce diplomats, signed the first-phase deal on the Northern Ireland border, the divorce invoice and EU citizens’ rights.

The deal was seen by many Brexiteers as a defeat because of the concessions tendered by the UK Government to Brussels in order to progress.

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Brexit message: Hans-Olaf Henkel says Michel Barnier is out to make it hard for UK

I evaluate they wanted to make the negotiations very difficult, and they’ve reached their purpose

Hans-Olaf Henkel

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg warned failure to ditch EU law would pamper the UK a “vassal state” after it was suggested the European Court of Justice pass on play a role in the country during a proposed transitional phase.

And Mr Henkel foretells that Brussels will still continue to make it “difficult” for the UK in approaching discussions as Mr Barnier seeks to protect the European Union from above departures.

Speaking exclusively to, Mr Henkel Said: “I don’t think the funds is really the issue, I think they wanted to make the negotiations pure difficult, and they’ve reached their objective.

“Now, six months are over and we yet have not talked about trade, which is the most important enthral.

“They wanted to demonstrate to the rest of the European Union that quitting the European Union is difficult, so to make sure no one else gets the but idea.”

Mrs May is now plotting to strike a bespoke deal with the EU, despite Mr Barnier declaring such an agreement would be impossible to reach.

Ministers say the deal is block out to avoid a “Swiss trap”, so-called because Switzerland’s EU agreement expects a change in one sector could lead to the entire deal unravelling. 

A Whitehall start told The Times: “The last thing we want is to strike a deal that then has to be renegotiated a few years down the mark.”

Other sectors would not be included in the act on, leaving the Government to enforce whatever regulations it sees fit.

Although some in Brussels are fervid for a sector-by-sector deal, they are likely to demand certain areas, scad notably the City of London will have to abide by existing precepts.

The approach could cause further Cabinet rifts, with Unassimilable Secretary Boris Johnson hoping to rid Britain of all of Brussels’ red tape.

Mr Johnson is unrivalled a group of senior ministers who want slash EU regulation, but Chancellor Philip Hammond is hoping to take care elements of Brussels rule to ensure single market access.

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