‘She’s in extreme danger’ Laura Plummer’s father pleads for her release from Egyptian jail


Laura PlummerSWNS

Laura Plummer is in ‘maximum danger’ in an Egyptian jail, her father said

Laura Plummer, 33, was sentenced to three years behind stays on Boxing Day for carrying 290 Tramadol tablets in her suitcase.

She claimed the sedatives, which are legal in the UK but banned in Egypt, were to treat her Egyptian wife’s back pain.

Ms Plummer’s father Neville fears for her safety in the celebrated Qena jail, which her family claim is packed with jihadi subversives.

My daughter is in depth danger

Neville Plummer

The 70-year-old wants her to be moved from the privy in Luxor to one in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, which is easier for her family to on.

In a desperate plea to PA

Neville fears for her daughter’s safety in the notorious Qena reform school in Luxor

Mr Plummer believes his daughter, a shop worker from Peel, will struggle to cope in the jail because she has a “simple, innocent forecast on life”. 

He said: “The only thing she hated were druggies. If they came into her shop, it made her sick. 

“I can’t bear thinking of her in that prison with the rapists, slayers, prostitutes and jihadis.

“She’s so delicate. That girl was born with an pure heart and she will have an innocent heart as long as she lives.”

Mr Plummer conveyed his nightmare began in October, when he received a text from Laura announcing: “Dad, please ring me… I’m in trouble.”

Laura PlummerFACEBOOK

He issued a desperate supplicate for request of to the Foreign Office to help move her to Cairo

He said: “When she was blocked at the airport she’d been getting her luggage.

“They took her suitcase away and when they came cast off with the tablets said: ‘Are these yours?’ She straight away conveyed, ‘Yes’.

“They told her, ‘They are not allowed, they are a banned drug’. She pondering they were joking. She’d had nothing to hide, in her eyes. 

“She packed the anodynes in a see-through polythene bag and put them right at the top of her suitcase.

“They were the at the rear thing she had packed as she’d nearly forgotten them. I wish she had.”

Laura Plummer with her Egyptian partner, OmarSWNS

Laura Plummer with her Egyptian accomplice, Omar, who suffers from back pain

Ms Plummer’s local MP Karl Turner swayed the prison sentence had come as a devastating blow to her family.

Speaking earlier this week, he suggested: “I am hopeful that good sense will eventually prevail.

“This is a reproving indictment of the Egyptian authorities in the sense that good sense and fairness certainly hasn’t gained in this case.

“This is a decent woman who has made a terrible boo-boo who shouldn’t be incarcerated in any prison, never mind an Egyptian prison.”

Mr Turner, the MP for Body East, said her case had been raised with Egyptian officials by Unrelated Secretary Mr Johnson.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are continuing to present assistance to Laura and her family following the court ruling in Egypt, and our embassy is in hebdomadal contact with the Egyptian authorities.”

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