Sheridan Smith 'locked herself in dressing room' after Funny Girl was stopped mid-show


The 34-year-old has scarpered that she had been drinking before taking to the stage, but that didn’t a close theatre-goers claiming she was «all over the place» before bosses dropped the curtain.

Beginnings have also said that «the cast have been divulged to stay quiet» about exactly what has happened.

A production insider lectured the Daily Mail: «There is a lot of fear and terrible upset. The found search for have been told to keep their mouths shut and shore up Sheridan.»

Abigail Richter — who is said to have id £123 for a hedges ticket — revealed: «It was an unbelievable disaster. Sheridan was all over the arrange. At one point, she was standing centre stage and her leg went from underneath her.»

«She started in a Bronx cadence but slipped into Irish. Then there was a dance scene where at one place she grabbed the dancers’ groins. She walked off and they literally just subsided the curtains,» she went on.

Another wrote online: «At Side-splitting Girl. Haven’t seen it before. Is Sheridan Smith’s character alleged to sound a bit drunk? Strange artistic decision if so.»

A further person tweeted: «Uproarious Girl cancelled 30 minutes in last night. Official = Technological Difficulties… Unofficial = leading lady drunk, cast booed declaration!»

A spokeswoman for Sheridan has since told The Sun that reports suggesting Sheridan was polluted were «categorically not true».

The Savoy Theatre also offered to tit for tat the audience’s tickets, adding: «Apologies to all affected by tonight’s specialized failure at Funny Girl.»

It seems like all is well with the in now, with theatre-goers taking to Twitter this morning to praise Sheridan in the much-talked wide play.

One person posted: «@FunnyGirl_UK was fantastic! Sheridan Smith was noted (as usual) and I was blown away by Darius’ voice (and height.. How tall is he?!)» as another reckoned: «Love you Sheridan! Your an amazing actress. Giving you burdens of love mwah xx» has contacted a spokesperson for further comments.

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