‘She looks shrivelled’ Concern for May as Downing Street dismisses ‘depression’ fears


They say the Prime Divine “looks physically smaller” following her election gamble, and has now lost her faith along with her Commons majority. 

Downing Street has dismissed requisitions she is depressed and in threat of being ousted by party rivals.  

But, after converging the PM this week, one insider reportedly told the Daily Mail: “[She is] profoundly down at times.

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Tory insiders claim Theresa May has astray her confidence

“She looked shrivelled and struggled to engage. It was upsetting. 

“She looks physically smaller than she did when she withdraw a symbolized so tall and confidently on the steps of No 10 when she became PM.”

Another also conveyed concern for the PM but said the party, not Protesters march against the Conservative party alliance with the DUP

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Protesters march against the Middle-of-the-roader party alliance with the DUP

They said: “It is a tragedy for Theresa and she has been wretchedly served by those who were close to her.

“But we cannot proceed like this indefinitely. It could downright up a Pandora’s Box, but we may have to have a new leader.”

Downing Street said any declares Mrs May was “too depressed to function properly” were “totally untrue”.

They added: “She is absorbed and getting stuck in.” 

Another source said the accusation was “nonsense”.

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Theresa May turned she cried following the shock general election result

They utter: “She has admitted the Election went badly but is determined to make the best of it. She is dwelling firmly put.”

Mrs May opened up this week about her shock and disappointed bring up the rear last month’s General Election. 

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Downing Street has cashiered claims she is ‘depressed’

She said she shed a “little tear” when the way out polls, predicting a hung parliament, were announced at 10pm on election day.  

Mrs May powered: “It took a few minutes for it to sink in. We didn’t see that result coming.”