‘She done the right thing!’ Nigel Farage backs Theresa May’s THREAT to cut UN funds


The British administrator praised Mrs May for her strong stance in front of the United Nations during her tirade at the General Assembly in New York.

Commenting on the speech during his daily LBC make an appearance, Mr Farage said: «We’re being briefed the United Kingdom will keep back 30 per cent of its United Nations funding unless reform befalls.

«If she does back that up with withholding funds I would say she done the strategic thing. 

Nigel Farage praised Theresa May for calling on the UN to reformGETTY/LBC

Mr Farage congratulated Mrs May for her strong stance on UN reform

«May is succour Trump up, actually quite strongly, and saying: the UN is bloated, it’s bureaucratic, it’s lavishness too much money. It needs to do less and do it better.»

Despite his appreciation for Mrs May’s expression, Mr Farage did not shy away from the chance to take a dig at the Prime Minister for appropriating a more confident attitude with the UN than her behaviour with European Fusion leaders during the Brexit negotiations.

The former Ukip leader teasingly asserted: «Very different attitude towards the UN and the European Union but there we are.»

In New York, the Prime Priest delivered a clear message, voicing her frustration at how billions of pounds are spoiled each year in bureaucracy, botched aid projects and other schemes.

While she talk to fondly of the institution, she joined US President Donald Trump’s call for fix.

Mrs May urged world leaders to support a reform plan to «create a numberless agile, transparent and joined up organisation».

The Prime Minister vowed that Britain devise continue to give billions in overseas aid to UN projects and contribute troops to UN peacekeeping in effects around the world.

But she added: «In turn the UN and its agencies must win our trust by developing to us and the people we represent that they can deliver.

«That is why we will carcass generous in our funding but set aside 30 per cent to be paid only to those portions of the UN that achieve sufficient results.»

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