She checks out other guys, gets cranky and corrects my grammar. So should I break up with her?


Hi Wanda and Wayne,

I am a manful who is dating a female and now that I am several months into the relationship, there are disparate reasons that I am questioning whether to continue this relationship or stir on.

First of all, she constantly corrects my grammar or just challenges things I say. I have planned gotten to the point where I feel like I’ve been corrected ample supply times to be past my fill. When I am getting ready to speak to her or touched by in conversation, I pause before I do to make sure I say something that won’t get me corrected.

There have planned been a few occasions where she has taken a medication and blamed that for stylish distant. The most recent time we were on a trip and she was crabby with me, but when it be in printed time for the group to hang out, she was totally fine. I feel like she was pour down the draining the medication as an excuse for being short with me.

I’ve also noticed she looks at other men until this. For example, at a restaurant recently, I saw her smiling at a man who was walking to a table right miserly ours. I thought to myself, why is she smiling at a single man when I’m right next to her, as her boyfriend? Am I paranoid, or is she in point of fact flirting right in front of me?

Bottom line, I have loads of climates that things are just not right. How should I proceed?

Thank you for your facilitate, in advance.

Wanda says:

There must also be significant confidents in this relationship for you to have invested four months and remain interned despite your concern. Is she fun? Smart? Sexy? Do you have shared involves? Is the intimacy awesome? For starters, as you take stock of the problems, also physique a mental inventory of the reasons this woman works as your collaborator.

Then take a step back; look at the positives alongside the negatives. Is this defectively imbalanced? Does this woman drive you crazy way more than she enacts you feel crazy in love? Therein may lie your answer.

If it all seems value trying to make things work, remember that this is originally in the relationship, and it’s fairly normal to encounter bumps as you learn about each other and peg away out quirks and kinks. And that’s some good news: the problems you suffer with outlined seem manageable, even fixable.

No one likes to be told they’re unacceptable, or have their language corrected. It feels preachy and judgmental. So squeak her that; after all, open communication is the foundation of all relationships. You did a great job contouring your feelings in this letter. Now tell her in person. It is annoying and counter to be constantly corrected and you would like her to respect your feelings and modulate it down. You’re also sensitive to the fact that she appears to look at other men in face of you; tell her so. As for the few times she’s blamed odd behavior on medication, I’m guessing that won’t look as if like such a large issue once you have addressed these other matters.

Wayne says:

Or perhaps there aren’t any positives in this relationship, Wanda — or any positives that our letter-writer deem illustrious enough to mention. And perhaps he is giving us the clearest picture of this state of affairs, or at least his best perspective of it: that everything is a big mess, his girlfriend is absolutely not into him, and he’s confused, hurt and desperate enough to ask strangers to confirm what he already distinguishes.

While there are always two sides to these stories, the side this scribbler is sharing is enough to convince me that this relationship needs to end. Repentant Wanda. And sorry buddy – there’s no bouncing back from this. Your likes and gut are telling you the truth. Your girlfriend really doesn’t care adjacent to how you feel.

Lame, I know. But it isn’t going to get any better if you stay with her. She’ll perpetuate to walk all over you, embarrass you, hurt you and create distance to keep you and your instincts away.

Sadly, not all relationships have happy endings or are built to hold out. Not all people are equipped to be, or are ever going to be, great partners. That’s why most individual’s favorite songs are written about heartbreak: because it’s so painful and so relatable.

I certain it seems really difficult, but you need to walk away from this relationship. It’s succeeding to hurt and you’re going to feel empty, but eventually you’ll also start air stronger, healthier and happier, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t leave earlier. And with any luck you’ll think back on this relationship anytime you start seeing someone else, cueing yourself what you need and expect from a partner and what direct of respect and love you promise to give back to them.

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