Shamed US swimmer gives £8.2k to charity


Feigen, 26, is the at the rear of the four US swimmers involved in a growing scandal to leave Rio.

It began when they concocted a fish story claiming they had been held up by armed robbers dressed as boys in blue to gloss over the fact they had drunkenly vandalised a petrol class toilet.

Police studying CCTV, which showed the four returning to their a rtments at 6am serene carrying their mobile phones and seemingly fine, quickly decided no such robbery had taken place.

Three of the swimmers, 20-year-old Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, 21, and 32-year-old Ryan Lochte, all returned to the US but are overlay a growing media storm.

The United States Olympic Committee disseminated an apology and said: “The behaviour of these athletes is not acceptable.

We will fresh review the matter, and any potential consequences, when we return to the US.” Mr Bentz and Mr Conger were conducted off a flight from Rio on Thursday night but were later allowed to forbear for the US.

They denied any involvement in the robbery claim. Gold medallist Lochte, who initially name the robbery claim, issued an apology yesterday on social media.

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