‘Sex sells’ Antiques Road Trip goes X-RATED as Anita Manning flogs naked ‘bonnie lass’ 


Scotland’s responsible to Hugh Hefner, beamed as she came across the naked “bonnie mademoiselle”, a bronze figurine posing in the nude while draped across a magnificent tiger skin rug.

The 68-year-old beamed with pride as she came across the recondite gem at a quaint gift store in Kent.

“She’s a bit saucy,” she shrieked. “You know what they say – sex trades.”

Sadly the stunning collector’s item was unmarked, making it near out of the question to uncover her spicy backstory. Although, the celebrity collector gave it her most talented shot.

“I think she’s from the 1920’s,” Anita explained. “She’s lying on this expensive tiger skin – she’s a bonnie lass.”

The expert haggler managed to cut the kinky piece down from £250 to just £190, in the presence of taking the femme fatale to auction.

Unfortunately, the racy figurine tanked when it possess c visited to the crunch, selling for just £85 and hitting Anita with a £105 set-back. 

Anita’s slump came after she managed to shift a statue of Buddha for a 7,500 per cent profit, record the most successful sell in the show’s history. 

The pro revealed that her “gut propensity” kicked in when she spotted the hidden gem and proved exactly why she’s earned the accolade of The Duchess of prime-time TV.

The Collectibles Road Trip airs weekdays at 4.30pm on BBC One. 

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