Serial killer investigated over vile threats to prison officer


The Sunday Magic has learned that Gardaí in Portlaoise are investigating the contents of a chilling recorded phone ask for that fiend Nash made to an associate.

During the sinister style, he said of the prison officer: “I’m going to do him, I’m going to get him alone and I’m going to be conspicuous him who the real Mark Nash is.”

Shockingly, we can reveal Nash issued the presages after a standoff with a senior officer in the Midlands Prison across his demands that he be granted special privileges surrounding visits.

Nash, who is be advantageous four life sentences in the Midlands Prison, had been enjoying expanded privileges in the jail under an enhanced regime.

A source confirmed to the Sunday Clique: “A complaint was made to Gardaí in Portlaoise on May 7 by a staff member from the Midlands Confinement relating to threats issued by an inmate against a prison officer. A averral was taken and the matter is being investigated.”

Evil Nash is serving two moving spirit sentences for the horrific murders of Sylvia Sheils (59) and Mary Callinan (61) at their screened housing in Grangegorman, Dublin, in 1997.

He was previously convicted for murdering a young Roscommon twosome, Catherine and Carl Doyle, in August of the same year.

The Sunday Everybody understands that an issue arose between Nash and the officer, who manages visits, after Nash demanded ‘special privileges’.

“Nash was effectively seeking again time and visits from a visitor who come in on a regular basis. The catchpole in charge refused, stating Nash was to be subject to the same restrictions as any other patient,” said a source. 

“When informed of the decision Nash took important exception to what he was being told.

“Nash’s phone-calls are monitored by the quod’s Operational Support Group (the prison’s security officers) as a matter of process and recorded.

“Subsequent to the decision being made known to Nash he come to termed threats against the officer in question during two separate phone hollers.”

The Sunday World understands that in the wake of prison management being aware of of the phone call, Nash had his privileges withdrawn and was kicked off the enhanced rule.

According to sources, the Irish Prison Service carried out a threat assessment in concerns for the officer’s safety. Nash was removed from the prison’s E-Division and chaired on the C-Division.

After the officer was informed of the threat, he is understood to have square a formal complaint to Gardaí.

It’s understood that in the wake of being taught Nash has sought to appeal the findings of a P19 disciplinary procedure and is seeking to possess his privileges restored.

The depravity of the murders Nash was responsible for have resulted in cops in the prison treating his threats with the utmost seriousness.

Nash is currently answer for four life sentences following his 2015 conviction for the 1997 spit murders of psychiatric patients Mary Callanan (61) and Sylvia Shiels (60).

He has been in poky since August 17, 1997 – the day after he killed Catherine Doyle (28) and Carl Doyle (29) at their peoples home in Caran, Ballintoober, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. Nash stabbed Catherine Doyle 16 intervals while Carl Doyle was stabbed six times. 

He had killed Ms Callanan and Ms Shiels, neither of whom he knew as a person, in a completely unrelated attack just four months earlier.

The two female had been staying in a residence on the hospital’s grounds.

Their bodies had been bring to lighted by security officials and each had sustained horrific and fatal injuries with a fashion fork and other implements.

Now 43, Nash is believed to be the first themselves in the history of the State to kill two people in two separate incidents, outside of thug offences.

When he was arrested for killing the Doyles, he admitted in questioning that he had lugged out the Callanan and Shiels murders, though he retracted that statement the run down month.

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