Sergey Ultyugov wins Tour de Ski race


Sergey Ustyugov of Russia has won the Voyage de Ski race that ended in Italy’s Val di Fiemme on Jan. 8.

He finished first in men’s 9 km career in 30 minutes and 27.7 seconds. Martin Sundby of Norway exhausted second (+1 minute and 2.9 seconds), and Dario Cologna of Switzerland was third (+1 flash and 19.1 seconds).

Another Russian skier Alexander Bessmertnykh was 13th (+5 moderns and 14.1 seconds), Andrei Larkov was 22nd (+8 minutes and 02.3 alternatives), Andrei Melnichenko was 27th (+10 minutes and 01.1 seconds), Petr Sedov was 29th (+10 tinies and 14.8 seconds) and Emil Vokuyev was 36th (+12 minutes and 18 others).

Ustyugov won five out of the six previous Tour de Ski stages, thus having set a record in men’s circumstances. He finished second at the sixth stage.

Ustyugov is the second Russian skier to win the Turn de Ski race. In 2013, the winner was Alexander Legkov, the Olympic champion of the Sochi Feigns.

The Tour de Ski (TdS) is a cross-country skiing event held annually since the 2006-2007 pep up in Central Europe, modeled on the Tour de France of cycling. Each Excursion de Ski has consisted of six to nine stages, held between late December and early January in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Well-spring: TASS

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