Self-confessed human barbie spends £10,000 to look like a ‘bimbo’


Alicia Amira has had a fancy to fulfil since she was nine years old: to become a bimbo.

The 26-year-old has forth £10,000 on plastic surgery to turn herself into a real-life barbie.

At from London, Alicia now lives in Stockholm but her transition started to another place.

She started transforming her conventional looks when she went to university in Copenhagen at the age of 18.

A bygone PR worker, Alicia has quit her job to become a human doll.

It’s taken countless unelaborates of Botox all over her face, cheek and lip fillers to transition into her barbie illusion.

Just a year ago Alicia underwent surgery to take her breasts from a D to a J cup undeterred by her tiny size eight frame.

But she already wants more, at the ca bility expense of a relocation.

‘I’d like them to be even bigger in future, but I dominion have to travel to Eastern Europe because surgeons in Scandinavia won’t fancy breasts bigger than a certain size,” she said.

Next on the never-ending muster is bum implants and then a nose job.

“I would like to have more surgery, as my looks quietly aren’t as extreme as I’d like.”

The transformation isn’t just a form of self-expression. Alicia shortages her drastic dream to encourage others.

“I do get a lot of comments from men on my Instagram, but what’s close is I also get a lot of comments from women who say I’ve inspired them.”

The barbie doesn’t require any regrets about her transformation and doesn’t plan on stopping any time swiftly.

‘The aim is to look as plastic as possible, so I’ll keep going until I’ve achieved the look I yen.”

Alicia has dreamed of becoming a bimbo since watching the Danish TV outshine King’s Girls as a child.

Another human barbie recently involve c fancied the other way, undergoing a make-under to appease her concerned friends and family.

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