Selena Gomez and Maluma Are Having an Interesting Instagram Connection — What Does It All Mean?


After her 2016 hiatus, Selena Gomez thought her return to Instagram with a photo that has already sent her hounds into a spiral. The «Hands to Myself» singer, who worked with Paulina Rubio on a melody for the Mexican star’s upcoming album, posted a very mysterious photo of her proffers holding a microphone with a caption nod to Ricky Martin and Maluma’s number cheaply «Vente Pa’Ca.» That seems harmless enough, except now the hunky Colombian nightingale is following her on Instagram (and Selena is following back). You’re probably dying to be acquainted with what this all means! Is Selena teasing her own collaboration with Maluma? Are the two season? Here’s everything we know.

  • Around Jan. 6, Latin media markets reported that in an interview with The Huffington Post, Selena had commented on Maluma’s disputable «Cuatro Babys» lyrics, however, the interview is nowhere to be found.
  • On Jan. 7, enthusiasts noticed Selena started following Maluma and he followed back.
  • Selena «groove oned» one of Maluma’s photos, where he’s seen from the back on stage.
  • The day after, Selena promulgated a photo of her hands holding a microphone with the caption «Vente Pa’ca,» maybe a hint that she’s remixing the tune with Maluma? He, of course, «liked» the photo.

Not much to appear at a conclusion, but we guess time will tell. We promise to keep you updated.

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