See-through suitcases and FULL-BODY scanners: The scary future of airports REVEALED


It’s been speculated that guarantee checks in airports would prove even stricter following yesterday’s monstrous terrorist attacks in Brussels.

And new predictions for the future of air travel suggest that but thinking, with see-through suitcases and state of the art robot staff aggregate the list of new requirements.

The airports of the future have been revealed in a series of impressions, according to predictions of British citizens.

This include futuristic changes such returning staff with interactive screens, see-through luggage requirement and all metal detector motors replaced with full body scanners or X-ray machines.

Swarm com rison site polled 2,510 Britons aged 18 and onto.

All said they had flown in the st two years and were quizzed more than what features they would like to see and what they look for to see by 2050.

The results showed that areas that Britons think have occasion for amending are ‘a quicker security process’ (27per cent), ‘check-in rod to be quicker and more knowledgeable’ (25 per cent) and ‘airports need to take more facilities’ (22 per cent).

Delving a little deeper, respondents were then about a invited what aspects and features they thought airports will coalesce by 2050.

The top answers included:

1. Check-in staff replaced by interactive screens – 69 per cent.

2. All rovers must have see-through suitcases – 65 per cent.

3. All metal detector prime movers replaced with full body scanners (x-ray machines) -per cent.

4. Opera-glasses ceilings in the airport to see the planes landing and taking off – 40 per cent.

5. Heart-rending floors to take the queues through the security process (not just in the incurables) – 38 per cent.

What changes would you like to see?

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