See the Gucci Dress That's So Versatile, Both Rihanna and Julia Roberts Have Worn It


Initially things first: Rihanna and Julia Roberts are two stars with definitely different tastes in clothing. Rihanna’s more edgy, frequently spunk to go sheer and show off her body. Julia loves something crisp and completely and wouldn’t be out of place wearing a suit on the red carpet. But lo and behold, these two fashion-forward ladies have planned found the one piece that looks great on both of them — a leafy Gucci dress, which was first seen on the Spring ’16 runway.

While Julia stupefied the lacy, midlength item to the InStyle Awards back in October, Rihanna stepped out in the that having been said look — minus a bottom layer — on Wednesday, thus proving just now how versatile this piece can be. Take a look how both women styled the report dress, then shop it for yourself to wear as you’d like.

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