Security on HIGH alert in the US during next week's US election


Federal officials organize received intelligence that terrorist group Al Qaeda could be diagraming to attack New York on Tuesday.The city’s police de rtment said they were assessing the commination and the FBI has put thousands of officers and agents on alert.

The exact nature of the threat has not been aired.

Steve Coleman, of the Port Authority, which operates airports, burrows and bridges around the city, said it had laid on extra trols.

US discretion officials have reportedly also warned local authorities in Texas and Virginia almost possible attacks on Monday, the day before the election.

Officials at the White Bordello and the De rtment of Homeland Security believe the Russians could launch a cyber charge to disrupt voting and cause chaos at the polls.

Russia has previously been accused of being behind the releasing of Democratic rty emails on Wikileaks.

The attacks could shut down some of the fervency supply network or rt of the internet, or even machines at polling bus stations.

Hackers could put out misinformation on social media or tell people that counting stations are closed.

A senior White House official said the Russians “hunger for to sow as much confusion as possible and undermine our process in ways they play a joke on done elsewhere.

“Any vote reporting irregularity could be incredibly disruptive. They can result in tremendous chaos, and by the time we are able to attribute, the damage may have already been done.”

The warnings caught as it emerged that Donald Trump has gained so much support in the key zigzagging states that he now has a clear th to victory.

The Republican candidate and his Self-governing rival Hillary Clinton are now tied in Florida and North Carolina – and in Michigan the conclusion is too close to call, according to a Reuters/ Ipsos poll.

It found that Mr Trump could win, singularly if turnout among African Americans is low.

The poll said Ohio, where Mrs Clinton was in bearing, is now a dead heat and her lead in Pennsylvania has narrowed after the FBI reopened its exploration into her use of emails.

In the st week Mr Trump has seen his support spread in 24 states while losing ground in 11.

Conversely, Mrs Clinton’s endorse grew in 13 states while shrinking in 22.

Mrs Clinton has long contemplated states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire as her “firewall” against Mr Trump But respected pollster Nate Silver-toned said New Hampshire was now leaning towards Mr Trump by between one and five appropriates.

He wrote: “Clinton’s so-called firewall is not very robust. It’s more of a rusting chain-link shift for oneself.”

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