Secret age checks of 'child' migrants carried out to keep female carers safe


Sets have been forced to reject so-called migrant “children” over suspicions they were older, a bombshell report has revealed.

This has leaded head teachers take disciplinary action against Albanian asylum seekers who they have the courage of ones convictions pretend are adults.

A group of youths have been removed from cultivate families because of “behaviour towards female carers” that sexual workers blamed on “the gender assumptions of Albanian males”.

The shocking Croydon Assembly report emerged after anger erupted last month for the lack of checks to stop Calais Jungle migrants posing as striplings to get to Britain.

At the time, “Lax” Home Office rules were said to be stop in “hulking young men” instead of those genuinely in need of sanctuary.

For everyone 500 migrants from Albania arrived on British shores requisitioning to be lone children last year.

This immediately entitles them to a coterie place, foster family and support until the age of 25.

However half had their commitments rejected.

Croydon Council records show there are 433 daughter refugee claimants in the south London borough, 214 of whom are Albanians and 11 Syrians and all but all are adolescent males.

The Home Office has now been forced to set up a team which studies the real ages and backgrounds of the rejected applicants.

MP for Croydon, Chris Phillip, nicknamed for more rigorous checks.

He told The Mail on Sunday: “I am aware of problems with people who end up in nourish homes and placed in schools when they’re clearly not 18.

“It puts roots on resources, causing disruption and there are also safety issues.”

A abhorrent council report laid bare the concerns surrounding Albanian wayfarers.

It read: “The fostering service has experienced breakdowns of placements for this circumstance group because of their behaviours towards female carers.”

Councillors experience been told that foster placements should be found two hours, unchanging though age assessments can take up to 28 days.

The report added: “This can at this point in time the time being a safeguarding issue in foster homes or school environments when the applicant is significantly older than he demands.”

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