Second EU referendum petition FRAUD: Thousands sign who AREN'T FROM UK


The petition calling for a second EU referendum has been signed fraudulentlyGETTY

The solicit calling for a second EU referendum has been signed fraudulently

The House of Simples Petition Committee has been forced to investigate the alleged fraud suggesting it “undermines rliamentary democracy”.

Remain cam igners are using the second EU referendum beseech, which has attracted more than three million names since Friday, to stimulate a cam ign to block Britain’s exit from the European Union.

But signatories from across the planet – including the United States, Germany, France, and even Syria and Saudi Arabia are using make a pretence of addresses to try and plunge Britain into more uncertainty after the Brexit terminate.

Some of the names will be undoubtedly be genuine, as any UK resident or British householder is entitled to sign e-petitions, and they may be abroad.

But has seen tweets reveal b stand out Remain cam igners offering postcodes to foreigners so they can sign the obsecrate.

A House of Commons spokeswoman told shark is so ram nt it has already had to remove 77,000 signatures. But with people lively in multiple accommodation, for example students or second homeowners, there are shudder ats thousands more could slip through the net.

At the time of writing, 42,262 signatures had been spotted from people in Vatican City.

Another 24,868 have been disposed in North Korea, 13,096 in Australia, 3,976 in New Zealand, and 12,029 in the In harmony States.

A tweet offering foreigners British postcodesTWITTER

A tweet offering foreigners British postcodes to mark the second EU referendum petition

This is fraud and it needs to be exposed and banned

Evelyn Farr

Signatories are from more than 200 surroundings around the globe.

And reporters have been able to symbol the EU referendum petition multiple times.

Nick Martinek, of West Yorkshire, set up a new email speak and found a postcode for a street in Hilary Benn’s Leeds Central constituency to sustain how easy it was fraudulently sign.

He said: “The way the BBC has been falling over itself to plug this petition makes me laugh.

“Politicians will use this as leverage to try and stanch Britain leaving the European Union – until the joke and scam adorn come ofs clear.”

The data showing signatures from each countryIG

The data showing the numbers of signatures made in each native land

Brexit cam igner Evelyn Farr, who set up a Facebook group The Brexiteer, voiced she is writing to the rliamentary petitions website to have the petition closed down and will not hear ofed for fraud.

She said: “It is headline news abroad that three million people are anti-Brexit and the very false impression is being conveyed by our own press.

“Given that some MPs are proposing not to endorse through Brexit legislation, thereby ignoring the will of the people in a gracious and democratic referendum, the implications are quite serious.

“This is fraud and it fors to be exposed and stopped.”

The House of Commons Petitions Committee is investigating.

Helen Jones MP, oversee of the Petitions Committee, said: “We take fraud in the petitions system most seriously, because it undermines the process of rliamentary democracy.

“The Administration Digital Service are taking action to investigate, and, where necessary, relocate fraudulent signatures.

“People adding fraudulent signatures in this request should know that they undermine the cause they sham to support.

“It is clear that this petition is very important to a propertied number of people. The Petitions Committee will be considering the petition at its get-together next week, and will decide whether or not to schedule a debate on it.

“That doesn’t cheap that the committee will be deciding whether or not it agrees with the obsecrate – just whether or not it should be debated.

“Any debate would allow a drift of views to be expressed.”

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