Sears strikes deal with retirees over pensions, benefits


A court-appointed prefect says Sears Canada, its lenders and lawyers for employees have reached a compromise that could assign the company to continue paying certain health benefits and special golden handshake cause to retire payments up to the end of September.

A monitor’s report filed Thursday morning was predisposed for a hearing in Toronto at the Ontario Superior Court, which granted Sears Canada stopgap protection from creditors three weeks ago.

Sears Canada had initially queried permission to immediately halt payments for health and dental benefits for prehistoric employees, retirees and surviving spouses as well as the company’s special payments to the Sears Canada put out to pasture plan.

However, lawyers representing Sears Canada employees solicit fromed the court to reinstate or continue the health benefits until October as the proprietorship restructures under court protection from creditors.

Andrew Hatnay, a advocate who represents Sears Canada retirees, told CBC News that after «dust devil negotiations» over the last few days, the retirees «managed to secure a clearance where the company agreed to continue health benefits and life warranty for three more months,» as well as continuing special pension payments closed the same period of time.

«Currently, pension benefits continue to be paid in brim-full, there are no reductions, and we’re going to be watching how this plays out over the next couple months unquestionably closely,» said Hatnay, who expressed concern that the pension delineate «will ultimately need to be terminated.»

Sears Canada retirees are «sad and irritated … because it’s difficult for them to understand why their pensions are being stirred and why their benefits could be withdrawn,» said retiree Ken Eady, who get someone all steamed for the company for 30 years before retiring in 2003.

The deal to extend odd payments to retirees’ pension and benefits plans will hopefully forearm «a bridge for people to find other ways to look after those partialities,» said Eady. «We are not sure it’s going to continue in the future.»

In separate validates filed by the company’s lawyers, Sears Canada’s chief financial fuzz says that it’s «crucial» to begin liquidation sales of inventory no timer than July 21, and to complete those sales by Oct. 12.

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