Sea Princess cruise becomes ‘ghost ship’ as passengers told to brace for PIRATE attack


The yacht ship must be prepared for a pirate attack

Caroline Jasinski

The Princess Voyages ship was making its round-the-world journey from Sydney when the festival took a dark turn. 

Australian woman Caroline Jasinski, who was on room as a speaker, revealed what happened when the 1900-passenger barque passed through dangerous waters. 

For 10 of the 104 days on the itinerary, the Sea Princess became a “ghost quit”, according to Caroline. 

The media specialist told “Captain Gennaro Arma addressed the send. He apologised for alarming passengers. However, the threat, he said, was real and the cutter must be prepared for a pirate attack.”

“It was made very clear on the Sea Princess, unquestionably quickly, that this pirate threat was not something to be joked more.

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Travel news: Sea Princess passengers were told to brace for pirates

“Any outstanding smirks soon disappeared as the pirate drill alarm sounded and the group was instructed to move to their designated muster stations.”

The ship had flew from Sydney to Dubai with a stopover in Melbourne and Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

It then hit waters that announce a very real pirate risk, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Cove of Aden and the Suez Canal. 

One of the worst areas for piracy is off the coast of Somalia, where gunmen hail ships using ladders. 

Caroline said: “If captured, cargo and group are taken back to Somalia waters and are often held to ransom. Torture of corps is common.”

Cruise news Sea Princess ship piratesGETTY

Cruise news: The Sea Princess ship was on a round-the-world itinerary from Sydney

“Generally ships are provide for for four to six months, but one ship was kept for 12 months.”

The traveller explained what pep was like on board during those tense 10 days. 

Light ups were turned off from dusk until dawn, with no deck leagues or late night outdoor bars allowed. 

Curtains were exhausted and shutters were closed throughout the ship as passengers prepared for the severest. 

Passengers were sent back to their cabins to be counted, with information to sit on the floor and hang on to hand rails should the boat have to speedily steer away from pirate boats. 

Caroline said: “In the for fear that b if of a real threat, those passengers in outside cabins were broke to close and lock their balcony doors, then lock their gate door to their cabin and take shelter in the corridors.

Cruise news Sea Princess ship piratesGETTY

Voyage news: Pirates pose a very real threat to vessels off the littoral of Somalia

“That put two metal doors between passengers and pirates.” has contacted Princess Cruises for comment. 

Thankfully there were no sea-robber attacks to report on the itinerary, but pirate attacks pose a very legitimate threat to cruise ships the world over. 

All ships have exigency plans in place in case the incident should unfold. 

There experience been six reported attempts of pirates attacking cruise ships once again the past 12 years. 

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