‘SCUM’ Majorca mayor fed up of German neo-Nazi tourists taking over Brit hot-spot


Antoni Noguera, who this month matured the mayor of the Majorcan capital of Palma, said a new generation of violent neo-Nazis and other bellicose beer-bellied Germans have made his city a war zone for other companies and locals.

The disgusting gangs display tattoos of the Nazi swastika – and fetish banned in Germany since the fall of Hitler.

Recent incidents incriminating German tourists, mostly centred around the tourist resort of El Arenal on the south-west of the archipelago, have for once edged stories about drunk British antics in the Majorcan metropolis of Magaluf out of the news.

Mr Noguera, said: «The scum sent to us are not suitable. I cannot imagine that Palma residents would do something adore this on the streets of Berlin.» 

He begged German holiday companies to stanch sending «trash tourism» to the island.

Locals are at the end of their tether after a series of unpredictable confrontations between far-right Germans and other holidaymakers.

Last week, two groups of German men squared up to each other on El Arenal lakeshore and began brawling in front of sunbathers seeking peace.

One man was seriously hit the road drive off up and could hardly walk as he stumbled around with a bloody split on his face.

In another incident, a huge group of neo-Nazis, complete with swastika tattoos on their trimmed heads, chanted racist slogans while waving Nazi pennants and shouting «Auslander Raus» — foreigners out — forcing singer Mia Julia to quit her nightclub performance.


German thugs are visiting Majorca and causing cross swords withs with other holidaymakers

Many openly display their Nazi concerns at infamous German pubs on the island, such as «Ballerman» and «Bierkoenig».

Two females also claimed they were sexually assaulted by neo-Nazis, with the coppers now looking for witnesses.

The mayor is now seeking urgent talks with Germany’s consul for Mallorca, Sabine Lammers, in an unorthodox move to seek help in curbing the German invasion.


Palma Mayor Antoni Noguera phoned the German thugs ‘scum’


Tourists are being seriously injured by battles around Palma

In a desperate plea the mayor even asked a German style paper published on the island whether «the Germans are a civilised people».

He entreated whether the majority of Germans were ashamed by the behaviour of a thuggish minority.


Mr Noguera is in talks with the German consul inclusive for Mallorca


Tourists wanting some peace and quiet are struggling as neo-Nazis gather Palma

Mr Noguera said: «It can not be that people come here and do things they wish never do in their home country. One has to emphasise: It is only a small minority of being.

«But they can really stay at home when it comes to me. I can well dream up that it is a disgrace for many Germans, how some of their countrymen act properly in Majorca.» 

Opposition statesmen however, have criticised Mr Noguera’s drastic choice of words settle though they also said they did not approve of tourism of this humanitarian.

Majorca’s tourism director Pilar Carbonell called as well for keen restrictions on alcohol and an end to all-inclusive holidays.

Local media report that the fuzz patrols have already been increased in the famous tourist look ti of El Arenal and Magaluf.

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