‘Scum!’ Is this the angriest a contestant on The Chase has EVER made viewers?


Sandeep – a bowtie-clad social enthusiast, keen on “busting a move” to the Spice Girls on a regular infrastructure – performed well in his cash builder round, racking up an impressive six apt answers and earning himself £6k.

Taking this mid-level offer transfer have topped the prize fund up to £22k, leaving £5,500 for each of the four contestants should they have gone on to beat The Chaser.

But Anne “The Governess” Hegerty proffered Sandeep – who was the last of the four players on the episode – the option of taking an equitable higher offer to move one step nearer to her on the playing board, or a minus step of -£4k to head one step closer to home.

Anne insisted that she was contribution Sandeep the insultingly low offer as she didn’t actually want or expect him to assume it, after com ring his vast general knowledge to John Travolta’s ca bility faculty as a dancer.

But Sandeep wasn’t listening to the flattery – he instead decided to wink at his teammates advice and accept the lower offer, decreasing the prize pot down to £12k, devise each player with a potential take-home sum of just £3k each.

The finding seemed to shock everyone involved and Anne even said to Sandeep: “I make someone aware of you, Twitter has just caught on fire.”

She wasn’t wrong. Fans of The Hunt – who are known to get extremely distressed whenever a player takes a low offer – very nearly exploded into fury over Sandeep’s decision. And it was made worse by the episode that the offer was a minus figure.

“Taking -£4,000 nah mate, expectancy Anne catches you get off the chase, jog on l,” posted one viewer to Twitter.

“Sandeep you uncompromised SNAKE!” screeched a second, followed by a third viewer who asked: “SANDEEP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“Has this d**khead on The Court actually just taken a -£4,000 offer, what a nonce!” declaimed someone else.

“SANDEEP you naughty little f**ker what did you do that for?? I get a kick out ofed you until then!” screamed a fifth.

Another viewer had lots to say on the puzzle, posting: “Someone on #TheChase (wearing a red bow tie!!) has just taken -£4,000 with a pot of moral £16,000. I hope he enjoys his upcoming divorce.”

Sandeep beat The Governess in the candid, remaining a solid two s ces clear of her, proving that he could possess indeed avoided taking the minus offer.

The team then treked on to win overall; but again, Twitter users weren’t pleased following Sandeep’s conclusion.

“Anne was unlucky, I was hoping she would win, if only for Sandeep taking 4 posh away from the pot – embarrassment!” surmised one fan of the show.

“Hope #Sandeep has some savings as he owes the others £4k,” keyboarded someone else, as another viewer remarked: “The whole world is up in arms hither Sandeep. Lets get a petition going for him to give his £3k to the others! #SayNoToSnakes #TheChase.”

A minority of addicts did attempt to fight Sandeep’s corner, with occasional Tweets appearing to the pitch of: “Sandeep added three points!! Without him they would be suffering with lost! TEAM GAME #thechase.”

The Chase returns tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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