Scuba diving dangers: Forget the bends, you could get THIS painful infection


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Scuba dumping can cause infections such as conjunctivitis if sharing masks

Scuba submerging is a great family activity to do when on holiday.

However, the activity can precipitate problems such as the bends.

This is when the swimmer resurfaces too right away and bubbles of dissolved gas form in the body and the blood.

Yet there is another facer that many families may not be aware of when it comes to scuba swooping.

Conjunctivitis can also put on holidaymakers who are scuba diving or snorkelling.

This is due to sharing equipment that may not be struck by been washed properly or previously used by someone with the up.

A report showed that 27 individuals in Fiji suffered from an outbreak of conjunctivitis due to infertile washing of the masks and the handler having previously battled the infection.

Regardless, there are ways to make sure the common infection doesn’t seducing a holiday.

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Eye infections can happen when contemptible masks are shared on holiday

If it doesn’t go away over a few days then it may be quality seeing a doctor

Dr Riccardo Di Cuffa

Dr Riccardo Di Cuffa, Founder of Your Doctor declares that it can easily be avoided by not sharing equipment.

He also says: “With contagious pink eye, a warm, moist compress may help reduce redness and protuberance. Use a different compress for each eye, and a clean compress for each application to prohibit spreading the infection.

“Wipe from the inside, next to the nose, to the outside of the eye.”

However, if it doesn’t go away over a few days then it may be merit seeing a doctor.

He wrote: “Certain types of conjunctivitis can develop into a straightforward condition that may harm your vision so it may need treating.”

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Getting an infection on furlough can ruin the trip of a lifetime

It’s easy to fall ill on holiday, being round different diseases and people.

The experts have given top tips on how to shun it as much as possible.

Some obvious advice remains to always oblige the correct vaccinations and to make sure food is always cooked middle of.

Yet some additional steps such as not sharing crockery and wearing mosquito repellant groups can also come in handy.

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