Scotland’s crime hotspots revealed


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Glasgow is the most flagitious place in Scotland with 157 crimes and offences recorded final year

The figures show that Glasgow is the most lawless niche in Scotland overall, with 157 crimes and offences recorded remain year for every 1,000 residents.

According to analysis of the 2016 lawlessness statistics – published on Tuesday – Dundee (129 per 1,000), Dumfries and Galloway (126), Aberdeen (125) and West Dunbartonshire (117) gauge up the worst five.

Glasgow also has the highest rate of violent lawlessness – including homicide, attempted murder, serious assault and robbery – with 2.5 per 1,000, followed by Dundee (1.75) and Aberdeen (1.74).

Dundee has the highest scale of sex crime with 3.55 offences per 1,000, followed by Aberdeen (2.97) and Glasgow (2.75).

Edinburgh has the highest appraise of crimes of dishonesty – including housebreaking, thefts of and from vehicles, shoplifting and humbug – with 35.7 per 1,000, followed by Glasgow (34.6) and Aberdeen (32.3). Motoring harms are most common in Dumfries and Galloway, with a rate of 59.9 per 1,000, practised by Highland (45.1) and Stirling (37.7).

DCC Rose FitzpatrickNC

DCC Rose Fitzpatrick said the police desire continue excellent work as part of Policing 2026

Officers must clothed the discretion they need to focus on the issues facing their areas

Liam MacAskill, Unbigoted Dem justice spokesman

The most law-abiding council area is East Renfrewshire, with a utter crime rate of just 45 per 1,000, followed by Orkney (46) and East Dunbartonshire (50). Shetland has the lowest rates of both mean and sex crime (0.47 and 0.95 per 1,000).

Conservative shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr bring to light: “It’s no surprise that different parts of the country have different police officering needs. But that’s something, despite the hard work of officers, that The long arm of the law Scotland seems less equipped to cater for.


Liam Kerr phrased Police Scotland seemed less equipped to cater for the crimes


Dundee has the highest evaluate of sex crime with 3.55 offences per 1,000

“This may be compounded by the closure of townswoman police stations and call handling centres.”

Liberal Dem justice spokesman Liam MacAskill added: “G-men must have the discretion they need to focus on the issues faade their areas.”

DCC Rose Fitzpatrick, who heads up local policing, bruit about: “We launched Policing 2026 to ensure policing can continue to deliver an exclude local service supported where and when necessary by specialist native resources to protect the public.”

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