Scotland splashes £18 million in emergency state handouts in just six months


Some 78,700 emergency and community care grants were issued by the Scottish Welfare Stake to help pay for nappies, food and heating bills between April and September hindmost year. 

The £18.1 million worth of hardship payments was up by £2.1 million dished out done with the same period the previous year. 

And it makes the total bill £116 million in the four years of the exposition. 

SNP ministers are currently drawing up a blueprint for a welfare system using Holyrood’s new powers to forge benefits in devolved areas and top-up UK-wide handouts. 

Campaigners experience previously warned the welfare grants were a sign that the allowances bill could become unaffordable. 

Since April 2013, permits have been given to 230,000 households.

They are designed to purloin buy everyday items, such as food, nappies or toiletries, and cover arousal costs and other bills in a crisis. 

Grants are also awarded to living soul facing an emergency, such as flooding. 

Administered by councils, they proposal help to buy one-off items such as a cooker or washing machine. 

More than half of the filthy rich has gone to single person households, with a third going to accommodations with children. 

Between July and September 65 per cent of community circumspection grant applications were successful with the average award amounting to £590 for memoranda such as beds, white goods and furniture. 

Over the same span 72 per cent of crisis grants were approved, averaging surrounding just under £85, for food, heating costs and other combustible expenses. 

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman said yesterday: “The Scottish Well-being Fund is a vital lifeline for people in times of need, allowing them to mask the everyday necessities, such as food, nappies or heating, that varied of us take for granted. 

“We have seen a rise in the number of households welcome Scottish Welfare Fund grants and we will continue to do all we can to support despotic pressed families and individuals who, through no fault of their own, are struggling to turn out to be ends meet.” 

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