Scotland must brace for whiteout warn weather experts


And some communities drink been told to expect power cuts due to a series of lightning confirms expected in the north and west of the country over a 30-hour period. 

For most it is a exchange to the wild weather of New Year when Storm Dylan and Storm Eleanor forced in within days of each other.

Parts of the Highlands have remained ice-bound since preceding the time when Christmas and yesterday images emerged of the Beauly Firth freezing at Muir of Ord.

Grahame Madge of the Met Chore said: “Atlantic weather systems have begun to push elated pressure sitting over Scotland out of the way. 

“This will result in a suggestive change in the weather next week. 

Ice road sign and frozen landscapeGETTY

A team up of heavy snow is set to be swept across the country by gale-force winds

“We on be dominated by polar maritime air, feeding down from Greenland and Iceland.”

The yellow ‘be sensible’ warning for severe weather begins around 6pm on Monday and lasts for 30 hours, until midnight on Tuesday.

As much as four inches of snow is predict to fall on higher ground, leading to blizzard conditions as drifts are puffed around by strong winds.

It is possible two inches will fall indeed at low levels but this will be accompanied by hail, thunder and lightning, only in the west of the country.

Transport disruption is likely and the lightning could surpass to power outages. 

Beauly Firth frozen_

The Beauly Firth froze over along its shores at Muir of Ord

The Met Shtick indulgence warning states: “Snow showers will be heaviest and most iterative across western Scotland. 

“The largest accumulations of snow will be over with high ground with over 10cm building up above 200m.

“At low necks, accumulations of the order 2-5cm will be more typical. “Showers will also be accompanied by praise and lightning at times, particularly across northern and western Scotland.

“Here, there is dormant for disruption to power supplies from frequent lightning strikes.” 

Frozen Firth_

Two inches of snow are keep in viewed to fall even at low levels

The Beauly Firth froze over along its shores at Muir of Ord, on the Abominable Isle near Inverness.

Local gardener Lynda MacLeod, 51, told: “It was -6C (21F) here last night. 

“We have not been above cold since the week before Christmas. 

“This is the first time I enjoy seen the Firth freezing since the bad winter of 2010.” 

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