Scotland faces JUNK credit rating if Sturgeon leads nation out of UK, warns Moody's


Edinburgh choice be left with a massive budget deficit if it were to go it alone, Colin Ellis, Blue’s chief credit officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa charged the Sunday Times.

Oil values have more than halved since Scottish referendum in 2014 from diverse than $100 a barrel to around $50 today.

If Scotland had then upheld to leave the UK it would probably have been rated between A to Baaa, according to Mr Ellis. 

But now an self-sufficient state would be set for a credit par with the likes of Azerbaijan and Guatemala, with a sub-investment position rating of Ba or lower — known as junk — compared to Aa1-rated Britain.

Mr Ellis signified: “In 2014 we said that, even if you took an optimistic view on the section of oil revenues when it was $100 a barrel, Scotland would inherit a starting financial position that was no better than the UK’s.”

“The big thing that’s changed is oil expenses are now around $55.

«Nobody can predict oil prices but even if you take an optimistic examination the fiscal position for Scotland has clearly worsened.

“That means you wish be starting from a high fiscal imbalance that the Scottish guidance would immediately need to address.

«You would need to raise imposts or cut spending. If not, that would put the normal downward pressures on ratings.”

It fall as Nicola Sturgeon presses on with her call for a second Scottish home rule referendum when the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Conjoining is apparent. 

Theresa May has knocked back demands from the Scottish Oldest Minister and said now is not the time for a fresh vote.

Polls show if a plebiscite were held now, the majority of Scotland would vote to stay in the UK.

The latest shapes show that Scotland’s economic growth was just a third of UK’s headline at all events, largely because of lower oil prices.

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