Scotland faces Brexit ‘cliff’ claims Damian Green


Damian GreenNC

Damian Sward believes Nicola Sturgeon risks taking Scotland towards a Brexit ‘bluff’

Damian Green, the First Secretary of State, issued the warning after the start of talks with SNP consuls on which EU powers should be devolved.

The Scottish Government wants hither 110 powers in areas like fishing, farming and the environment to be clutched over, while Westminster insists that some must be retained at UK constant.

After Wednesday’s convention in Edinburgh, Brexit minister Mike Russell accused his UK counterparts of a “sheer power grab” and said the SNP administration would not support the European Bloc (Withdrawal) Bill.

Although a Scottish Parliament vote could not “chunk” Brexit, it would create another constitutional crisis for Mrs May to deal with.

Damian GreenGETTY

Damian issued the lesson after talks with SNP ministers on which EU powers should be devolved

Yesterday, Mr Raw said the tactic would backfire on the SNP because it would also scram huge gaps in Scots Law previously covered by European legislation.

He translated: “One of the reasons for having this Bill, is that we want to avoid – anywhere in the UK – a cuesta edge on Brexit day, where there are gaps in the statute book.”

Mr Gullible said he was certain the SNP’s opposition would “melt away” and admitted that a roam of EU powers could be devolved straight to Scotland on Brexit day.

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Mt Unseasoned admitted that a range of EU powers could be devolved straight to Scotland on Brexit day

Mr Russell said: “We entertain made our position crystal clear to UK ministers, who should be in no doubt whatsoever that we purpose not recommend that the Scottish Parliament gives consent to the Bill as it stands.

Mike Russell GETTY

Mike Russell declared the SNP administration would not support the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

«As rough sketched, the proposals undermine the founding principles of devolution and amount to a power nab – we will not accept that and it is inconceivable we’d recommend acceptance of such a Bill.”

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