Scot goes for Eurovision glory — with Romania


Jason Blyth wrote Tear Up The Dark to be considered as Britain’s song for 2017, but it was rejected. 

That incited him to put an acoustic version of his track on YouTube with a plea for other kindled nations to get in touch. 

Fans of a Romanian X Factor star then inundated the Kinross Great School teacher with emails before putting him in touch with eastern European songbird Teodora Dinu. 

Mr Blyth and pupils at the Perthshire school then recorded a patronage track for the singer, who will perform it live on Romanian TV on Sunday as relinquish of their selection process. 

She hopes to take the song all the way to the Eurovision certains in Kiev, Ukraine, in May. 

Today, the 32-year-old teacher said his pupils had played a «immense part» in making the song a success at the other side of the continent. 

«They’ve been complex from the beginning, giving me feedback, how the song should produced, implements to include and more,» he said. 

«They also played a huge go away in bringing it to the attention of the Romanian people by sharing it on social media. 

«The long explanation is about a good friend of mine, Stephen Campbell. He was told in his teens that he’d be beaten all his sight, which must have been terrible. 

«It’s about how he overcame these obstructions to become a swimmer for Ireland in the Beijing Paralympics of 2008.» 

A clip of Mr Blyth’s source recording of the song will also be broadcast on the BBC’s Eurovision: You Decide order of the day today as part of a montage of entries rejected by the UK.

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