Scientists develop new drug to counter effects of fast food on liver


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A drug has been ripened that counters the effects of liver disease

A drug, which unfastens scarring and inflammation due to “fast food”, known as fatty liver infection, has had success in the laboratory. 

Now human trials are planned to start within two years. The drug is sketch out to break the vicious cycle caused when immune cells go into “overdrive” in reaction to persistent poor diet. 

The synthetic drug, URMC-099, repaid the balance between immune and liver cells in mice.

Experts believe a similar narcotic can be used in other inflammatory disorders where the body attacks itself and examines are now being carried out in multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. 

Professor “Skilled” Gelbard has been leading the 10-year-study at the University of Rochester, New York, in throng with Cambridge drug research company, Biofocus, US-based Mayo Clinic and University of Cincinnati. 

He verbalized: “This compound has the ability to turn down the volume on the immune feedback allowing the liver to regain its normal functions. 

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Fatty and sugary foods can trigger infection in the liver

“I think this represents promise of a medicine that can pirate tackle many other diseases associated with an overactive innate insusceptible system causing cell damage.” 

I think this represents seem of a medicine that can help tackle many other diseases

Professor ‘Manoeuvrable’ Gelbard

Fatty and sugary foods can trigger inflammation in the liver and the council responds by sending immune cells to neutralise the threat. 

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the body responds by sending safe cells to neutralise the threat

The immune response can rage out of control, originating more inflammation and

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