Science committee chairman urges parties to nominate women MPs


The chairman of the Vulgars Science Committee has issued a plea for female MPs after only men were put advance.

Norman Lamb wrote to Labour and the Tories asking for women to let in on the remaining three slots — after the initial eight slots were infatuated by men.

One of these has now been taken by Conservative MP Vicky Ford.

Mr Lamb had warned that the shortage of balance could hamper the committee’s ability to properly do its job of scrutinising control science policy.

Science Minister Jo Johnson agreed, saying it demanded «basic legitimacy».

Places on select committees are allocated to the different sides who then nominate MPs for the roles.

In the case of the science committee, there had not been adequate volunteers from MPs to fill all the places.

There had been criticism on Titter when the initial appointments were announced.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper said it was «inglorious», and ScienceGrrl, an organisation supporting women in science, said it was «extremely unsatisfied this committee doesn’t represent scientific community in the UK».

In his letter to the Contractions and Tory whips, Mr Lamb, a Liberal Democrat MP, said: «While the 2017 poll has produced the most diverse group of MPs ever, this is not being muse about in the membership of the committee.»

He added: «I would like to encourage you in the strongest stints to do whatever you can to ensure that women are included in the remaining nominations to the study and technology committee,» he added, calling for parties to review their nomination developments to ensure a gender balance in the future.»

Ms Ford later confirmed her election on Twitter, saying she was «chuffed» to join the committee.

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