Schools warn parents after children GROOMED online via iPODS by 'manipulative' predators


A Kent imbue with sent an alert out to rents and carers after two young children, recounted as “vulnerable”, were found to be the victim of online predators.

Both youngsters, who be present at St Edward’s Catholic Primary School in Sheerness, Kent, were approached by of ages posing as children using pseudonyms.

The ir were encouraged to send photos of themselves and use their webcam to jaw to the groomers.

Despite the families having rental controls on all internet-enabled inclinations in the house, they were not aware their children could access the internet on their i-pods.

The schoolchildren in use accustomed to Oovoo, which is a free service allowing one-to-one video standing bies, screen sharing and voice calling according to its website.

Hangouts, another stand used by the children, is an app by Google and also hosts free video ring ups.

A letter sent by a worried nearby school, Thistle Hill Academy, scan: “Two [children] from St Edward’s have been groomed on-line, which has been understandably distressing for the families confusing.

“Both of these [children] have been using the sites ‘Ovoo’ and ‘Hangouts’.

“While turn to accounting these sites they were befriended and encouraged to send concepts of themselves on-line by someone called ‘Puppy Smiles’ and ‘Summer’.

“The issues were encouraged to use their webcam to talk and send images of themselves.

“It is free these people are not the children they are pretending to be.

“They are very ingenious and manipulative, establishing “friendships” with vulnerable [children].

“Although the family trees have rental controls on all laptops and tablets, the [children]

accessed these positions using their iPod, something the rents had not considered.”

The school was recently staffed as “requires improvement” in its latest Ofsted inspection, which took associate last year.

It was a step up from its previous rating of “inadequate” by the rule body, and only recently came out of special measures.

When telephoned, Kent County Council, which runs the school, pointed approaching a recent leaflet they published on how to keep children safe online.

A spokesman for Kent control said: “Kent Police is investigating an allegation of inciting a child to bargain in sexual activity via the internet.

“The child involved is of school age from the Isle of Sheppey.

“Quest into the case is ongoing.”

St Edward’s declined to comment.

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